Enjoy and give gourmet chocolates by Bombons Cudié from cudieshop.com


Bombones Cudié is a family business of chocolate delicatessen, which has preserved the secrets of its elaboration of chocolates with dried fruits and exquisite handmade pralines over three generations, since in 1946 Josep Cudié created the emblematic Catanias®, gastronomic symbol of the Mediterranean and essential sweet of the Catalan pastry. Now, for your convenience, we send the chocolates to your house or where you want to give them away!


What are Catanias®?

Our Catanias® are an elegant combination of caramelized Mediterranean almond, coated with Cudié’s praline and finished with a thin layer of the purest cocoa. The end result is a unique flavour exalted by the creamy texture of the praline and the crunchy touch of almond, a real treat for the most exquisite palates.

The Catanias® are handcrafted in our workshop in Vilafranca del Penedès, following its unique recipe, to ensure the most special and delicious flavours.


Discover the Catanias® most original flavours

From the beginning, one of Cudié’s principles has been innovation respecting tradition, which is why all the new creations presented maintain the purest essence of the traditional Catanias®, while adding new nuances and flavours. This way of doing things, respecting tradition but constantly innovating, has made them deserve the prestigious Great Taste awards.

Here are some of our favourite creations:

  • Original: Catanias® Cudié’s most emblematic creation, caramelized almond, delicious white praline and a thin layer of top quality cocoa powder.
  • Himalayan Salt: The jewel in the crown of Catanias® Cudié, caramelized Mediterranean almond, topped with hazelnut praline and Himalayan salt.
  • Crema Catalana: The most traditional dessert in Catalan cuisine, converted into Catanias®. The white chocolate praline achieves an exquisite flavour.
  • Dark Chocolate: The perfect flavour for lovers of the purest chocolate. Caramelized almond heart, topped with dark chocolate gianduja (70%) and cocoa powder.


Celebrate every special moment with Cudié

Nothing says I love you like Catanias®, that is why they are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. They are the perfect detail that manages to exalt any little moment and turn it into a memorable one.

Whether it’s a birthday, a lunch with friends or a Christmas dinner, Catanias® are the most original and delicious way to show your loved ones everything they mean to you.

Discover our gift ideas section, where you will find gift packs to make every occasion special and delicious. You will find everything, from gift packs paired with cava for the most elegant occasions to gift packs with Catanias® and beers for the most casual moments. And don’t miss our chocolates and turrons, a pleasure to enjoy all year round!


If you haven’t tasted the real Catanias® Cudié yet, discover your favourite flavour now!